Consultation & Development
Careful listening, persistent discovery, 360 degree reflection, and resourceful planning are the skills required for 21st century technology consultation. BIQed is built with a team from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, converging to bring the client a well-rounded picture of technology, including operational and administrative perspectives.

Business Intelligence Solutions & Analytics
From data warehousing, business intelligence solutions, enterprise information, enterprise performance management, and analytic applications to governance, risk, and compliance, BIQed is your one-stop shop for your organization’s data. BIQed hires multi-talented team members who get things done.

Architecture & Implementation
Data modeling is built on solid policies, rules and standards which govern how your data is collected, stored, arranged, integrated, and accessed. Clients put BIQed to work for them because clarity and consistency matter most when it comes to designing and integrating a reliable data infrastructure.

24x7 Training & Support
The best technology is of little value without the best training to understand and implement.  And even the best training isn’t effective long term without the reliable support to back it up.  Clients hire BIQed because of our cross-discipline team who specializes in communicating technology with simplicity and flexibility.




How IBM Customers Get In Trouble with Licensing

Eric Chiu of HW Fisher tells us how IBM customers get caught out with IBM licensing and audits as well as the recent changes to IBM’s passport advantage impacting customers. BIQed releasedRead More...
By : Rob Wilkerson | May 11, 2015

Simple is STILL Better: Speed & Simplicity

Data warehouses are a commodity for any company’s databases today.  Traditional data warehouses are too slow, and were not designed to manage data at today’s velocity, volume or variety.  Coercing older technologies toRead More...
By : Rob Wilkerson | Apr 17, 2015

Data Warehousing 101

BIQed strives to translate tech-talk into something the average business person can understand.  It’s important to us that you understand what we do, just as it’s important for us to understand what weRead More...
By : Rob Wilkerson | Apr 17, 2015

Asset Analytics Just Released

On April 6, we were pleased to release version 1.0 of our Asset Analytics to our current clients. Software asset management (SAM) and hardware asset management (HAM) are two fundamental arms ofRead More...
By : Rob Wilkerson | Apr 17, 2015