BIQed-Asset-Analytics-Software-Map-1Let’s talk time and money.

  • Has your organization received a notice from a vendor about an upcoming audit?
  • Do you feel a mounting concern about inevitable true up costs?
  • How many labor hours do you expect to be spent investigating discrepancies, answering questions, and researching answers?
  • Are you wondering if your license consumption is getting out of hand?
  • If there was a way to cut your IT software costs by 10%, 20%, or 30% with a return on investment within 9-12 months, would you do pursue it?

If the questions above resonated with you, now is the time to get help. Not later.

The software industry can feel like a boxing match, with vendors in one corner and customers in the other. Software vendor companies make incredibly useful products. Unfortunately, they do not make their licensing and compliance information the same way. However, the problem is obvious: you can’t enjoy the products without paying the price, even if it’s not clearly communicated.

According to Gartner, introducing an effective SAM program within your organization has the potential to reduce company IT costs by up to 30%. Many companies see a return on investment the first year. This means that businesses that have discovered and invested in software or hardware asset management have found that with some reasonable effort and a few months they can…

  1. Equip themselves with solid facts about their software environment and usage.
  2. Make sound decisions about their IT environment.
  3. Get the upper hand when it’s audit time.
  4. Feel confident about license consumption.
  5. See significant savings in their overall IT budget in the first 12 months.

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