Strategic_RoadmapBuilding a strategic roadmap for your organization’s data is essential to ensuring that your business properly and accurately collects, manages, and analyzes all the data pertaining to your business.  A well-built roadmap enables a business to make smart decisions that keep it financially sound and on the competitive edge.  A strategic roadmap is a combination of two roadmaps: a BI roadmap and a data management roadmap.

A business intelligence roadmap provides the policy direction, standards and best practices required to ensure that business intelligence reporting and analysis meets organizational requirements. It is comprised of:

  • Data management (governance) standards and best practices;
  • Project management roadmap; and
  • Metrics management

A data management, or data governance roadmap is a set of IT standards and IT best practices that governs organization and control of the structure and design, storage, movement, security and quality of information. The Roadmap should include standards and best practices for:

  • Structure and design (data model, dimensional model, ERD and data modeling and enterprise data model)
  • Storage (database software, database management, data warehouse architecture and enterprise information architecture)
  • Data movement including standards and best practices for extract, transform and load (ETL), reference and master data and data mapping
  • Security, including data warehouse security, data security, data security policy, data security standard and information management security
  • Metadata management policy which should specify internal requirements for gathering, maintaining and providing metadata
  • Data quality management should specify how data quality metrics will be maintained to ensure quality data management

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